Two Powerful Best Practices for Elevating Your Urgent Care Billing

It is true that with the present federal mandates, many urgent care centers are already discovering that their billing efforts are still not up to the mark for quick and effective reimbursements. The revenue streams greatly suffer due to faulty practices and more importantly a lack of skill set and experience. If as an urgent care practice, you are experiencing bumps, believe that you are definitely not alone who is going through it!

Planning Early to Improve Your Revenue with Quality Urgent Care Billing

You have to make a careful assessment and a SWAT analysis that are you happy with the efforts of your in-house staffs and their billing expertise or will it be a better option to look for a specialized partner and outsource your urgent care billing.

While many still believe that it is economical to have in-house staffs, but inexperience, especially with urgent care coding, can have a detrimental influence on your financial credentials and claims submission efforts.

• The backlog of claims is a serious challenge to manage and lumping of the responsibilities especially with the front desk staffs can be a problem.

• It actually shifts your focus from the core responsibilities of managing quality metrics with patient care.

• The front office team often lacks the exposure and the knowledge of the coding intricacies especially with the arrival of ICD-10 that has made medical coding all the more specific.

• A specialized billing company will not always guarantee you better success all the time.

However, the ones that are prominent will be working as a seamless operational extension improving your urgent care billing claims with better analysis and intuitive expertise. They will combine expert resources with state of the art processes that provide transparency in denial management efforts.

Train you in house staffs

Having a careful look at the registration and charting process of your clinical staff will be an important step.

• A faulty effort in these practices can cause an extreme delay in the payments of the medical claims.

• Training your staffs on the verification of insurance during the time of registration and collection of the copays up front will be an effective means to implement the right checks and balances in your urgent care billing.

Having an integrated model with EMR will help in making the process easy. It will help you watch regularly what the staffs are entering for the procedure codes and the see the missing links in the documentation of the charts. Proper training of the staffs for more accuracy in the charts accelerate payments with fast and prompt claims submission that are in adherence to the claims adjudication priorities of the payers.

To conclude, we can safely assert that medical billing is a completely separate chapter and a different world from the medicinal practice universe. You have to meet both ends meet with the correct training of your in-house staffs or else find a next gen billing partner that can assure you with genuine references of excellent healthcare revenue cycle management support with urgent care billing.

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