GoTelecare has the Answer to the Recent Medical Billing Staffing Crunch

The report from the NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business clearly identifies 22% of the small business owners citing shortage of qualified workers as one of the major concerns. Since 1989, resolving labor shortages by raising compensation is at its highest according to 24% of the respondents. To retain and lure talent, almost 31% plan to increase the compensation standards!

Expanding health care coverage and aging population essentially means that there are more patients to care. Instead, The Association of American Medical Colleges expects a shortage of at least 40,800 physicians by 2030 which can be as high as 104,900!

Our Solution in Medical Billing and Coding Staffing

GoTelecare has been a powerful medical billing and collections company. We believe in providing stand alone/task specific/end to end revenue cycle management support. A coast to coast foot-print, working with over 28 specialties, helping leading insurance companies in their credentialing and claims adjudication mandates, we are just a better extension to your existing operations!

We have the perfect approach in providing you the best possible employees in medical billing. Trained and available employees versatile across all leading practice management/billing software are ready to work for you at just $8 per hour without any hidden charges!

High Pointers

We offer the cheapest rates in the industry

100’s of references from top healthcare providers

Ensure an instant reduction of billing costs by 70%

Overall collection increase of 97%

Reporting will be customized to daily/weekly/monthly patterns

A Specialized team in Eligibility Verification / Prior Auth / Compliance / Posting / Accounts receivable recovery and Denial Management etc.

Overall 99% medical billing and coding accuracy

100% HIPAA-HITECH Compliant

Clients are well covered for any errors of omission and commission under Hiscox Insurance.

Dedicated account management support

Medical billing

Our experts are a call away! Let us provide you the best opportunities in medical billing and coding staffing, great resumes that are ready to work for you on a fixed model of engagement. GoTelecare has the ultimate answer to your immediate needs of sufficing medical billing and staffing requirements.

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