GoTelecare is A Powerful Urgent Care Billing Partner

Urgent Care BillingIf you are looking for streamlined assistance in your urgent care billing, reach out to GoTelecare. We are a dedicated healthcare revenue cycle management company that provides quality support to over 100’s of clients across diverse specialties. Our proficiency in managing you claims stems from the fact that we are claims adjudication partners of prominent payers of the country. Also, we are an expert destination for all major urgent care billing software and provide our disciplined support.

No Write offs Without Approval

GoTelecare does not believe in any form of write offs or adjustments without your consent. Instead, we believe in dong an end to end accounts receivable recovery that results in increased reimbursements. We will provide you customized reports and only after your approval we will be doing write offs. Also, our dedicated account managers will be providing you complete communication support and will be working as your operational extension.

Guaranteed Billing Cost Reduction

As a dynamic urgent care billing partner, we will be providing you an end to end revenue cycle management support. We guarantee you a deduction of billing costs by 70% and will improve your collections over 95%. Our comprehensive support will help you in reducing proven pain points in urgent care billing and will be elevating your claims approval in best proportions.

At the end, we will be providing you excellent references from industry peers giving you a clear idea on how our functional best practices in urgent care billing has helped them gain financial boost. GoTelecare will be working as a reliable destination for all your urgent care billing needs and will deliver your powerful results. Partner with GoTelecare for a serious transformation in your urgent care billing efforts. We assure you that once you start working with us, there will be no looking back.

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